• Go-for-broke risks become more acceptable as options narrow. Sometimes the potential rewards at the end of a daring venture justify the risk of suffering a spectacular failure.

  • Seek inspiration in enduring wisdom that has comforted or motivated you or others in times of crisis. It will get you through the most physically and emotionally draining times and help you to keep your perspective.
  • Congratulate yourself and others for a job well done. A pat on the back or a sincere handshake is an expression of personal thanks and gratitude that has never gone out of fashion.
  • Motivate your staff to be independent. If you have been a good leader, they will have the determinate to succeed on their own.

  • Let your staff inspire you. At times, an overwhelming workload may fore you to consider lowering your standards. Remember that the final product must represent the best efforts of the entire group.
  • Even in the most stressful situations, don’t forget that you are part of a larger world that might benefit from your expertise. In turn, participating in community and family activities can give you skills useful on the job.
  • Make sure the whole job is done. Your staff may be able to call it quits after the heavy lifting is over, but you are responsible for seeing the work through to its successful completion.

Reference: Shackleton’s Way of Finding The Determination to Move Forward

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